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Very annoying, yes. We're speculating, but we think that there may be a spanner in the works in BookLikes's ability to draw on the Amazon feed (which used to be the only feed they used to have). It may be a fall-out of the European data protection guideline that entered into force in late May of this year -- it may be coincidence, but the fact that new books are no longer added to the system seems to date back to just about that moment.

Those who use it say that you can still add books off (and that particular Amazon site *only*) using the "shelve it" widget (there's a button on your bookshelf page -- in admin view, i.e., with the brown board at the top and green menu -- that you can drag into your browser menu).

Personally I wish Booklikes would just sign up with another feed and be done with it, but there seems to be some negotiation involved (including with Amazon) -- and as things currently stand, there may be neither the will nor the necessary negotiating power to comprehensively deal with the situation.
Ceridwen 12 months ago
Ugh, that all sounds yuck. Wouldn't it be awesome if stuff just worked???
Sigh. "... and so say all of us."