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Linda Hilton 3 years ago
Hoping you see this. Yes the site is . . . barely functioning.

It's been like this for a couple of years, and there are other problems besides the slow log-in and so on. Some of us have acquired literally thousands of new followers, most of them spammers and some of them escort/call girl services. I currently have 7000+ followers, but I'm not even able to delete them. That's part of the non-functioning part of BL.

Many of us have more or less abandoned the site and moved on to our prior stomping grounds, with some of us -- cough cough -- adopting subterfuge to remain with the group.

I'm in the process of laboriously archiving and deleting my posts from BL, though I won't delete my account.

If you need further info, you can DM me here or on Twitter @LAWHilton.
Ceridwen 3 years ago
Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I may try to hit you up on Twitter, because this site is ridiculous.
What Linda said. If you're not already a member of the "Outpost" group on GR (of all places ...), contact MR (aka Christine PNW) and ask to be admitted. We're doing our best to keep the community alive there; with many of us restricting our GR activities to that one group (plus at most, its special topic "outliers").

The BL owners effectively (not literally, but in so many words) posted on Facebook, a little over a month ago, that they coulldn't care less what's going on with this site and couldn't be a*sed to do anything about its multiple problems. Many had left the site already at that point; for most of the rest of us, that FB post was literally the last straw.