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Kaorumiso 9 years ago
Yup, I've also noticed it and it's confusing me a lot, especially that I'm a complete noob if it comes to blogging... :)
AH@BadassBookReviews 9 years ago
With apologies to people I reblogged without doing this earlier - when you reblog, enter [Reblog] and the title of the post in the title section. Then there is on the right hand side a place to put in the source of the article. I am also now adding a line at the top of the post "Reblogged from.....", just in case.
I noticed that, too. That does seem sketchy. I made sure to include a sources link and add [REBLOGGING] to the one thing I reblogged.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
I'll just have to practice better reblogging hygiene.
AH@BadassBookReviews 9 years ago
We're all going through a learning curve.
Traveller 9 years ago
I've actually just accidentally reblogged one of my own reviews, thinking I was editing it... :P
Jess 9 years ago
I find it more than a bit confusing too, but I found this post (reblogged, of course!) helpful:

She seems to have a lot of helpful posts about navigating around here.
Traveller 9 years ago
Thanks, Jess!
I think it's going to take some getting used to ..... I like others ideas above to include reblogged in the title though.