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Meghan (guest) 7 years ago
Hi, you may never see this, but I have to tell you: I read this book when I was maybe 8 years old. All I've been able to remember for almost 30 years were two things: "What are you doing?" "Just... being," and "Velvet paws! Velvet paws!" If you hadn't included that line in your review, I might never have found this story again, but tonight I googled that line and here it is. Thank you. I've ordered a copy. (Also, part of the reason I've been searching for it for years was the magical quality you wrote about. This book actually gave me my first experience of déjà vu, and it was reading that line, "Velvet paws!" that did it. I remember sitting on the floor of the library for long minutes afterward, trying to figure out how I could be absolutely familiar with something that I'd never read before.)
Ceridwen 7 years ago
Oh, that's so wonderful. I love this novel inordinately, and I'm glad it found you again. I have to track down a copy because I only borrowed it to read.