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RedT Reads Randomly 8 years ago
Oh, Ceridwen. You make me laugh.
And think.
I love this post. Thank you.
Ceridwen 8 years ago
German publishers in the late 30s wanted to publish The Hobbit (it would have done well there), but, given Nazi publishing law, had to write his publisher asking if Tolkien was Aryan. I don't think Tolkien gave permission in German until after the war.
Ceridwen 8 years ago
I knew it was something! Obviously what I knew was super garbled. Thank you!
No problem. I may have gotten this slightly garbled myself; it's been a while since I read Tolkien's letters. But that's how I remember it.
Ceridwen 8 years ago
The Hobbit was first published in 1937, so it would jibe with the timeline.