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I find the Subway ads more disturbing. The only reason I could find WHY they did that was because Josh Hutcherson has a subway sandwhich shop scene in the Red Dawn remake.
Plus those hunger games lightbulbs on amazon. WHY?
Emma 9 years ago
Fabulous post
Dreaming Hour 9 years ago
The worst part is I thought the fashion in the movie was so innovative and interesting (I want her fake eyelashes) without being so unpalatable. Couldn't they have just done: "Get the look of the capitol!" and shown the looks and models that way?

Well, people don't question it because of the way the economy works, a job is a job, right?
Ceridwen 9 years ago
My husband works in advertising, and from what I understand, someone very specific came up with this idea, someone in charge. I'm not trashing the people who did their jobs - I'm trashing the dude in charge.
Dreaming Hour 9 years ago
I figured thats what you were doing, but complacency isn't better - which you said as well, I think. Ugh.
The films always had the potential to turn The Hunger Games into the very thing it hates.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
...which is generally true about fan culture in general. Sigh.
Mikela 9 years ago
Just finished watching the movie...wait for it...The Hunger Games and thought that before I go to sleep I'd see what was new on Booklikes. The first thing I read is your fantastic post echoing many of my own thoughts but spelled out so much better than I could ever dream of doing. Really good!!!
nospin 9 years ago
What I find truly ironic is Suzanne does not wear make-up.
aka Grasshopper 9 years ago
Sometimes these commercial tie-ins fall flat. I'm hoping that people old enough to wear make-up will also understand the implications of this.
nospin 9 years ago
True. I am sure there will be teenagers who buy into it though.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
I'm sure there are grown ass adults who will buy into this. Though it does seem like a lot of work...
Saturdays in Books 9 years ago
I know this is circular thinking, but if we weren't the kind of society that would make exactly this product, those books wouldn't speak to such a wide audience.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
That's totally true though. I wouldn't have such a visceral reaction if this kind of crap weren't ubiquitous.
Wonderful post. Thanks for this
I feel choked by irony. Yuck.
This is a craptacular idea. The advertizing executive who thought it up should have his mental health questioned.
Or perhaps he should go to work for America's Next Top Model. I can see that shoot on there!