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*hugs.* Beautiful selections. I'm so sorry for your losses.
Degrees of Affection 11 years ago
Thank you for sharing these poems. Many of them brought back the early days following my two grandparents' deaths. You and your family are in my thoughts.
Sock Poppet at Play 11 years ago
I'm sorry, Ceridwen. *Hugs*
aka Grasshopper 11 years ago
I read a poem by Walt Whitman at my father's grave side memorial. It helped me a great deal. Sorry for your loss.
Saturdays in Books 11 years ago
I am sorry for your losses.
Bettie's Books 11 years ago
At anyone time, a friend, aquaintance peer or colleague will be dealing with the searing pain of tending the terminal, laying to rest or dealing with the aftermath. And those around, blissfully unaware of this crystallised grief, tramp around with the heavy boots and gobby mouth of everyday life. Just as it should be. This is a beautiful post Ceridwen that has helped this Booklikes member to look out some Dylan as a way forward. You do so much good, more than you could possibly know.
11 years ago
Beautiful words, to celebrate important people. Treasure their memories (and write down all the things that you remember about them for future generations--I wish I had more personal recollections of great-grandparents, the official documents are so cold).