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Ceridwen 9 years ago
I know!! I'm totally freaking out!!!
I find this news inexpressibly fabulous. I loves me some Sappho and "some" is all we've got.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
She's so damn great.
Wow! That's seriously important news. As a Greek I'm highly intrigued to get my hands on the original text as well. Thank you so much for sharing!
Ceridwen 9 years ago
It would be nice if they included the ancient Greek, even though very few people read it. Someone in the comment threads bitches about the Modernist translation, and I can't help but agree a little. The use of the verb "twittering" was especially obnoxious. Har har.
I agree with you. I haven't read the comments in the thread (er... yet!), but twittering just sounds off! I hope they will include the ancient Greek text. It's not like we're overwhelmed by her work lol (in quantitative terms, we're definitely not.)
Ceridwen 9 years ago
They don't include it in the article, but it might be out there somewhere.
Heck, you could get the Greek and the English translation on the same page for most of the fragments!
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Anne Carson's translation of Sappho, If Not, Winter, has side by side English and Greek.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago although, there was earlier a pdf linked that had the actual text, the link is 404'ing right now. Still, this seems the place to watch for when it shows back up.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Sweet, thanks.
Thanks from me as well!
Just beautiful ...
On a possibly trivial tangent, I think "!!1!!" is so much more expressive than "!!!!!".
ha! me too!
Ceridwen 9 years ago
You know when you're using numbers as punctuation, the situation is very serious.
You mean "numerals' of course1 ;-)
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Of course!