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Eww. Puts a whole new spin on leather-bound antique books ...
Is one of them the dreaded Necronomicon?
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Klaatu verata nict...coughcough
Literary Ames 9 years ago
I've heard about bodysnatcher Burke's skin book before. Leather prices would certainly go down if we used human skin. There's a never-ending supply. LOL.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 9 years ago
Yes, for a while I'll be looking at leather books differently - until I forget about this. Brrrr. Fodder for some good horror stories in there.
Literary Ames 9 years ago
Flaying while the victim is alive. Scared yet?
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Once you start assigning a dollar value to human body parts, you have an economic incentive to do some serious harm. Being the rationale against it, squeamishness about dead bodies aside.
Princess Eva Rose 9 years ago
Fucking scary. I don't think I could touch it, I probably vomit.
Can I request to have this procedure done when I pass away? Live forever as a book?! Yes, please.
1st Avenue 9 years ago
When I visited the library at Harvard, I spoke to a librarian who said, very softly as she glanced over her shoulder, that the library had (to her knowledge) about five books bound in human skin kept in a vault. Only authorized persons were allowed in said vault. I thought she was totally trying to pull one over me until I did a quick Google search and now I don't know what's fact and what's urban legend. Interesting article btw.
It's always interesting, what universities keep deep in their vaults. Clemson keeps in its vault the letters of John C. Calhoun, and the football team's scouting tapes. (I've had a peek in there!)
Ceridwen 9 years ago
I have some serious jealousy about these library visits.
Serously, who do you have to bribe, fuck or kill?
In my case, most fun part of historiography class; getting to tour the vault.
1st Avenue 9 years ago
So lucky! I too am interested in finding ways to get into famous libraries' vaults, esp. those that house rare books with questionable bindings.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Ah, dammit. It looks like at least one of the books wasn't actually bound in human skin. My morbidity is disappointed.
The Boston Athenaeum has the memoirs of a highwayman and robber...bound in his own skin after he was executed! (And the provenance on that one is pretty good.)
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
Urgh. I'd heard of a couple (the memoirs one and the Burke one I think) but I'd hoped they were uncommon and strange. I don't think I want to see a leather bound book for awhile.