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I never liked her work much anyway. But I'm always sad to hear bad things about any Fantasy authors who I respected
Mariana 9 years ago
This is so upsetting. I recently learned of her husband's connection to NAMBLA, and that she hid it and even helped him. This is just horrible.
Having worked in the legal field for almost twenty years now, I have accepted the fact that you never know someone 100%. People you adore and respect for their talents can be hiding horrible secrets that you would never wish to learn of. So sorry to learn that Marion Zimmer Bradley might have been one of those people. My heartfelt wishes and prayers go out to her alleged victims as they seek healing and recovery.

Oh, that is so disappointing.
rameau's ramblings 9 years ago
The sad thing is that I wasn't even surprised when I found out.
feeding the swarm 9 years ago
Wouldn't you prefer to know?
That is incredibly sad. No kid deserves that sort of ill-treatment.