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Abandoned by user 9 years ago
Those are outstanding! It makes me think I need a (yet another) copy of Pride & Prejudice. :)
That is a great cover.
Reflections 9 years ago
Those are fantastic! I want one but it's hard to choose.
Chris' Fish Place 9 years ago
I want either Hound of the Baskervilles or Othello.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
I like Dorian Grey.
Sock Poppet at Play 9 years ago
It looks like someone smashed the frame over his head.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
Hey girl...
Sock Poppet at Play 9 years ago
Oh, I liked it. Especially after reading the book!
Ceridwen 9 years ago
So, I'm a house painter, and there's a SWP color named "Dorian Grey" which I thought was nigh on hilarious when the client chose it. I started cracking all manner of bad jokes about the name, and my clients just looked at me like I'd grown another head. There's this guy. you see, and a mirror.....oh nevermind. Good color choice, I guess.
Sock Poppet at Play 9 years ago
What a cool job. Do you find clients who choose horrible colors?

I love that there's a paint called "Dorian Grey." Are there other paints with literary names?

How incredibly sad that your clients didn't understand the allusion. If they've never heard of that book, I wonder how many others they haven't heard of. I wonder if they even know who Oscar Wilde was.
Ceridwen 9 years ago
I mostly love my clients, but if I were to be critical of their color choices, lovingly of course, I'd say most people make mistakes of cowardice and not daring. I've been at war with grey for my entire career -- Minnesota has 9 months of winter, and grey is dreary -- and it's suddenly the new it color this year. Looks fine now, but come February. ...

No one got the allusion. The paint store guys -- who don't know what to do with me anyway -- had never heard of Dorian Grey either. Sigh.

Actually, I have found a lot of literary names. Whoever is charged with making up names has to really dig, because names cannot be reused (within a company anyway). So if they come up with a new fan deck, that's a thousand names that must be unique, and also evocative of the color somehow in an appealing way. I can't remember the name anymore, but there was one based on Pyramus and Thisbe somehow. It was a celadon green, but celadon comes from Song dynasty pottery. The weird things you learn.