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Abandoned by user 8 years ago
You just sent me down a rabbit hole of awesome! The Hardy one is great, and the Hemingway list is effing hilarious.
Ceridwen 8 years ago
They're all pretty great.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
"You’re a misunderstood artistic genius with a vision so brilliant and impossible to realize that you’re doomed to both artistic failure and early death. You make sure to fit in a few good monologues about the nature of your craft before you end up destitute and/or dead."

SO many novels that use this one! Er, in Balzac's time - I wonder if there's an equivalent character in YA now? I haven't read much Balzac but oh that was such fun - and like Moonlight said, SO many more of those!

I was kinda bummed out with Dorothy Parker's though:
Which focuses more on the ugly and not on the rapier sharp wit. She could be really cruel, but of all her work I feel her book reviews really give you a great sense of her - and those are still really fun to read. But if you only read the poems and short stories? More bleak.
Ceridwen 8 years ago
Yeah, it's hard to strike a balance with Parker, because in her later years she really was a bitter old misanthrope. But damn did she sparkle when she did. Time doth flit; oh shit.

I'm sure the YA one would be something about a really good English student with special powers. Or a bad boy with bangs in his eyes?