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Ilhem 12 months ago
Reading slumps are hell:(
Charmingly Euphemistic 12 months ago
I know right?
Linda78 12 months ago
Yeah, this wasn't one of her best, though I did like the mystery a bit more than you did. I gave it three stars anyway. Adam was annoying though. I was glad when his partner finally narced on him.
Charmingly Euphemistic 11 months ago
The plot was the most OK part. Too many coincidences though.
Mammarella 12 months ago
Josh Lanyon 2.5 stars? Unheard of! I was just about to post this myself (and I will):
"I swear I am turning into the pickiest reader evah. One day I will become so jaded I won't be able to read anything anymore *exasperated*"
Charmingly Euphemistic 11 months ago
I hope I get my tolerant cheeriness back