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Ilhem 9 years ago

I had spoilered myself before reading Bloodlines and when I read what would happen, I chickened out of Prey and put it on hold until I grew some balls. I just didn't want to cry and mourn. Emanuela convinced me to give it a go again and I did. Just like you, I'm so glad I did! I snot-cried my brain out, but there is so much love and Paris' death is so quiet ... *sniffles*
Paris is Roan's beloved forever, and you'll see that he is never forgotten. However, the next book's title is "Life After Death", and that's what the remaining books are about. That and Roan's story arc.

Ilhem 9 years ago
Sorry about the notifications. I went nuts trying to add spoiler tags. Obviously, I failed and since we can't edit our comments...
Christina 9 years ago
I have to admit I'm a little afraid to continue w/o them
together :(
Ilhem 9 years ago
Read "Life After Death" and then, decide if you want to give up or not. I'll be honest, the first lines, first page are a stab through the heart, and the story deals with loss but how could it not? Andrea Speed is not Amy Lane though, and she doesn't wallow in tear jerking melodrama. Roan is depressed, cynical and sardonic (what's new?), he meets new, funny sidekicks and the mysteries are good. I became truly addicted to the series after this book.

Ami's Hoard 9 years ago
I agreed with what Ilhem said. I was afraid to go on but the next stories changed my opinion. He met new friends, new side-kick, and actually embraced (SPOILER ALERT) new love, and mysteries are continuously good. It is definitely one of my favorite series.
Christina 9 years ago
I'm sure I'll go on (soon) but I know it's going to be rough.