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SilverThistle 4 years ago
Great list! :D
I love that you guys browsed bookstores! He sounds awesome!

And fantastic list.
...Bookfanatic 4 years ago
Your list is good. Like you and probably most of the people on this site,I too love browsing bookstores. My hubby does so much reading for his job that he tends not to read outside of work, except when we're on vacation, however, he has started reading a bit in the evenings recently and it's nice to see him just relax and enjoy a book. I have to say any man who would be jealous of the time you spend reading isn't worthy of you.
Sock Poppet at Play 4 years ago
#7 really resonates with me. I loved D. H. Lawrence before I went to college. I took a course studying him in college. By the end of the course, I couldn't stand the man! I'm not sorry I took the course, though. ;)