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Heidi Hart 7 years ago
The book actually doesn't bash SAHMs. Betty Friedan was herself a SAHM. Her point is not to criticize SAHMs but the culture that deprived women of the choice to stay at home or not, that told women from childhood not to educate themselves or cultivate outside interests because education and ambition would only make you frustrated and embittered as a wife and mother.

You're right that the homosexuality stuff is definitely a product of the times, and homosexuality was listed in the DSM as a disorder until 1986 -- I just think it's ironic that she could be so clear-sighted about how Freudian theories were a product of Freud's perspective as a priviledged white man in Victorian Europe, and thus his view of women did not translate to post WWII American housewives, and yet she doesn't even question those very same skewed theories when it comes to homosexuals.