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SlowReader's Kingdom 8 years ago
You made this series sound really interesting. I usually don't read NA but I might read this series. :)
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
I read a lot of m/f books with strong female characters (except in NA, where they tend to be too stupid to live, which is a big part of why I usually skip that genre). I usually don't like m/m for a lot of reasons, including: 1) I don't enjoy reading people's coming out journey rendered for the entertainment of (mostly) straight white women--I've lived through it, and reading about fictionalized, uber-angsty versions of it feels icky and just plain un-fun. 2) M/M tends to fetishize gay sex, again for the entertainment of (mostly) straight white women, which feels exploitative. 3) The "gay for you" trope, which doesn't fit my experience or that of any LGBT person I know, and seems to be just a half-assed way of signalling that this is True Love. All that said, I know there are a lot of people who really love M/M, and I haven't read enough to really consider myself informed on the subject, but I know that of the handful of M/M books I've read (somewhere around 10), only this one and Josephine Myles "The Hot Floor" have not felt icky.