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Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
Is it awful that all these squicky plots have made me interested in reading them? I actually did read Texas Destiny and loved it. I thought the author did great with it and that her decision to make the older brother a decent guy instead of a villain was pretty brave considering how easily it could've been resolved if he had been awful to the heroine.

Also, I went through several of your posts and I'm super excited to follow you!
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
No, not awful at all -- all of these books, and everything else I've ever read by Heath, are actually pretty good reads. I just think it's funny that she gets *sooooo* close to the line where I'm uncomfortable with the premise, but not so skeeved out I can't enjoy the story.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
PS - thanks for following: I'm super excited to have you!
SilverThistle 9 years ago
Ewww, some of those probably are not for me then, thanks for the pointers. I have Texas Destiny here though and that one still sounds promising :D
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Oh, it's good, and I don't usually like westerns.
TeaStitchRead 9 years ago
I have not read Between Devil and Desire, but now I don't want to. I have a young son and can't handle child molesters/killers/neglecters, even if they are the vilians, in my reading.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I have two young sons, and I'm not okay with children-in-peril plots, either. If it helps, the abuse in Between the Devil and Desire was in the distant past, and is something were' told happened to the hero, but the story never gets into the nitty gritty details.