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Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
I read The Hunger Games in August... I think. And then Catching Fire in September. I have Mockingjay down for this month, but I'm not sure I'll get to it.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I think I would have liked the series better if I hadn't read it all at once. It's such an emotional draining ride, I think I had compassion fatigue by the end, and so in all honesty I found Mockingjay hard to even finish.
Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
As strange as this sounds, my mom is the one that finally got me to read them. She's in her mid fifties, but she's recently taken an interest in dystopian books. She told me from the beginning that Mockingjay was the weakest of the three. I think that's why I keep putting it off. I did really enjoy the first two though, but neither were 5 star reads for me.