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Thanks for the warning - I think this is why I tend to wait until some series are out in full before I start reading them!
Linz Loves Romance 9 years ago
Right? Ugh. That ending is going and going and Mac is kicking butt and then...Yeah. Awful. Book four has a cliffhanger too. There was an 18-month wait (or 17?) for book five. I feel your pain and am enjoying your reviews though.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I don't think I could have read them as they came out. I'd have been really pissed off and offended by these cliffhangers (I finished Dreamfever last night, so I know what you mean about both cliffhangers) as a reader if I hadn't been able to immediately start the next book. Both cliffhangers are sort of emotionally manipulative, in that Karen Marie Moning *knows* she's ripping your heart out--(I know she knows because of the quasi-apologetic, reassuring "Notes to Reader" she put at the end of both Faefever and Dreamfever)--and she totally does it anyway. I think it's fine to kill off or otherwise devastate characters the readers know and love (think Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series), but it's only fair to give your reader some closure or comfort before leaving them hanging, waiting for a sequel.