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Linz Loves Romance 9 years ago
I so agree and great review. Not excusing it, but KMM has referred to this series as urban fantasy. But, yes, the fact that Barrons was so aggressive and shut-off but was still portrayed as a romantic lead was frustrating. Honestly, I found myself sucked in and repelled. I am not fond of alpha-holes, and he's one. (Although I make some exceptions.) Upon rereads, there were some tiny clues about who Barrons was, but there was a lot of misdirection, I agree. I would also add that Dani is perceived as a strong female character, but you are right, they are few and several are voiceless or just end up being villains. The fever series is compelling but not exactly nuanced. Fair warning if you read Iced, btw.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
"Sucked in and repelled" -- yes, I agree exactly. I probably will read Iced, but I need a break.