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My Reading Nook 11 years ago
Interesting...I've seen a many authors complain about other authors rating their books with 1-2 stars on review just the rating. No bueno, IMO! Everyone has an opinion and being an author doesn't mean your opinions should be silenced, but there has to be some sort of professional courtesy toward one's peers. If there isn't then it's just all out chaos. There are ways to be respectful and constructive when providing your thoughts and opinions
when unfavorable.
Heidi Hart 11 years ago
I also find I don't pay much attention to an author's recommendations when s/he--(let's face it, it's always a she, because men aren't given this kind of crap for having and expressing unpopular opinions)--rates every book with four or five stars. At the same time, though, I know there are others who see a negative review by an author and chalk it up to jealousy or sour grapes, so maybe author/reviewers just can't win no matter what they do. The real problem is not whether or not it's "professional" for authors to be critical in reviews, but why so many authors get so butthurt about negative reviews in the first place. If only people would pull up their big girl panties and get some perspective -- you write a book, you're going to get some bad reviews, because no story or voice is going to work for every reader, and if you've made people care enough to write a review in the first place, you win either way.