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You made some very astute observations that a lot of people would have missed. This isn't my least favorite book of the series (that's #5, for reasons I lay directly at Dolores Umbridge's feet), but it's my least fav of the movies.
I'm not part of the group that's re-reading these books, bc time wouldn't allow it, but I do remember reading them all the first time, and being enthralled by the world JKR created, and how she pulled all the things together in the end, how every little bit of plot introduced in the earlier books had a purpose. That's some brilliant story telling... :)
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
I had never sat down and put all of those together at once. Thank you! Also, it seems Dumbledore makes a habit of standing by as people got to prison. If he knows these people, you'd think he'd speak up for them...or at least check out the supposed crime! (Black, of course.)