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Oliviate 9 years ago
Reading this book for the first time was one of the most intense, memorable reading experiences of my life. The bit with the blood quill is a touch of evil genius. I split the time between reading it alone in the middle of the night (eerie!) or being hopped up on too much caffeine (all the suspense!). I had to stop several times near the end and remind myself to breathe. It's become my favorite book in the series.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
My wife and I read books 4-6 out loud to each other, taking turns with the chapters, each of us swearing not to read ahead when we couldn't read together. We got our copy in the mail from Amazon the day of release, having looked forward to it for months and months, and we cleared our calendars as much as possible to get through the books as quick as we can. I think reading it with her, and the eagerness of anticipation, helped blunt the emotional intensity of that first read. Rereading it since (this is probably my third or fourth read of OotP), I find it's a physically painful book to read: I grind my teeth and get a stomach ache from being so angry on Harry's behalf, and half the time I'm so upset I want to throw the book at the wall. I think it may well be the best book in the series, but I can't call it my favorite because it's such an uncomfortable read.
Oliviate 9 years ago
Bit of a spoiler, but one of the things that helps get me through is that we knew a major character was going to die in this one, and when Arthur Weasley gets attacked I thought he was done for. I had never realized how deeply I cared for Mr. Weasley until that moment, so when we lost Sirius instead I was still too full of relief that Mr. Weasley was going to be all right.