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Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
I'm a Garwood fan (well, of her historicals anyway) and I loved this book but I haven't read it in many years. She was actually the first historical romance author I ever read so I have nostalgic feelings about her books as well. My favorite is The Secret.
Same situation for me, I read these books when I was younger and they introduced me to genre. Garwood is a nice change of pace from someone say, Kathleen Woodiwiss and her epic bodice rippers. I remember liking Ransom a lot :)
lol I love this one but everything you say is true. hee.
Bambbles Rambles 9 years ago
I read Ransom, another Scottish Garwood, back when it was the Smart Bitches book club book. I literally drew a map with all the character names because there were so many with such similar names, I was getting confused! Overall I enjoyed that one but didn't love it or anything. I probably rated it similarly to what you did with this one. I'm not opposed to reading another Garwood historical, just not chomping at the bit.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I love, love, love Madeline Hunter's Medieval series (By Possession, By Arrangement, By Design, etc.), and I'd love to read more great historicals set in that time (since I get so bored/burned out by Regencies and Victorians), but I haven't found any others that I love nearly as well. Either they're so historically detailed that the story fizzles, or they're just wallpaper historicals, like this. Any recommendations?
Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
I'll have to scout around for the Madeline Hunter books. Have you tried the Monica McCarty series? I think it's The Highland Guard. I've enjoyed the first couple of those that I've read so far, but they are a bit heavy on the historical details.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I haven't. I will check those out. I like historical details a lot so long as the pacing of the story doesn't drag as a result.
The Hunter books are excellent. I like Dodd's early Medevils as well.