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Fun With Books Blog 9 years ago
Loved this. I hope I am still around by the time you write that book - sounds like something I would like to read.

Yes, two and threes and then twelve and thirteen *shudder* I have a daughter so maybe that's different to boys but yikes ............ the teenage years were one drama after another :)
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
My book progress is waiting on the other moms to send back responses to an e-mail questionnaire about their experiences, so the book isn't just all about me and my family. Lots of the other families are eager to participate, but since we're all moms with small children (the oldest diblings just turned five, the youngest is due in May), time is in short supply, so this project may take awhile!

As for kids, my experience with my siblings was that we girls were hardest in the teen years but that boys were hardest in the dirty, mouthy, loud mid-childhood years (8-11ish) -- I guess we'll see!
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I've heard. :)
Yay! It's still going on :D

Amazing list!
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Thank you, and thanks for starting it!
You're welcome. I had no idea it would go beyond me. I've learned so much about people just reading their lists.
Yeah, or wait till they hit 16... :P I love that people believed you didn't have electricity, and that you had to either row or skate to get to school... did you tell them that both ways were uphill, too?
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Actually, when you go twenty miles in a mountainous state, both ways ARE uphill!
Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
Awesome list! First off, I sympathize with your pen situation. I'm a bit picky about mine as well. Sometimes I feel I'm in constant pursuit of the perfect pen.

Secondly, I think it's pretty wonderful that you are taking your kids to meet their half siblings. I discovered I had three additional half siblings when I was 22 and I very much wish I had the chance to know them as a child. (I should note, my situation was completely different - although I do occasionally refer to my birth father as a sperm donor.)
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I'm totally addicted to office supplies. Pens are just the worst of my office supply addict triggers. Also, there are pretty pads of post-its, and so many gorgeous journals, and ... oh! Must think about something else now....

Thanks for the vote of confidence re: meeting the diblings. We're in unchartered territory here and it's hard to know if we're doing the right thing. When we picked our donor, we knew we wanted an open ID donor so that our kids could find out the donor's identity when they turned 18, but we figured we'd leave the choice up to them. Then when we started getting ready to try for baby number 2, the sperm bank told us there had been some sort of genetic issue reported in one of the other births and they couldn't sell us more units (i.e. sperm) until we spoke with their genetic counsellor, who happened to be on vacation. Of course we were totally freaked out and didn't react well to the notion of waiting patiently when our son might have some grievous genetic condition, so we went to the donor sibling registry and discovered and then made online contact with other families who'd used our same donor. It turns out the genetic condition was relatively minor, probably not related to the donor at all, and the twins who had it are both fine, healthy two-year-olds now.... and now I'm part of a secret Facebook group with this AMAZING group of moms whom I love like family, though I've only actually met one of them in person so far. -But still I wonder sometimes if we did the wrong thing, not leaving it up to our sons to decide for themselves when the time comes.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Thank you!
Reflections 9 years ago
Wonderful list, and I definitely want to read your book!
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Thank you!
TeaStitchRead 9 years ago
Your kids are the same ages as mine, so I 100% agree on "terrible twos" going into "WTF threes." Once the book about donors is ready, I am buying it. Guaranteed at least one sale. Great I got to write mine...Warning: not nearly as exciting or lovely or deep as everyone else's.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Thanks! I'll look forward to your list. You might surprise yourself when you sit down to write it -- perhaps you're deeper and lovelier and more exciting than you think! Plus, it's all just how you spin it anyway.
KindleRomance 9 years ago
Great list! I finally found my go to pen:-) Pentel Energel with purple ink. I've stockpiled enough to last at least a few years. LOL! I think it's so amazing to have known your wife since you were that young. The memories you've built together must be amazing.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
In some ways it's great and convenient to have all that shared history. In other ways, it can suck to be in a fight with your spouse and have her say, "This is just like that thing you did when we were twelve..." (which, of course, I've long since forgotten because I don't hold grudges like she does and her memory is just generally better).
Linz Loves Romance 9 years ago
Thx for the list. It sounds like you're a story-teller at heart, or, at least, when you get a chance to be. :) I totally get having a specific pen thing. Mine is a Pilot easy touch medium pt in black. And, yes, the 3s and (unfortunately) 4s can be more terrible than the 2s. Good luck with your book. How cool!
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
Those Pilot pen people; they sure know what they're doing! ;)