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Tackling Mt. TBR 10 years ago
I got my email today too! (Although for way less, but I was still really excited about it.) :)
Heidi Hart 10 years ago
I live in the middle of nowhere, without a good Indie bookstore anywhere around. I wish I didn't buy so many books from Amazon, but there it is...
And it came on release day! Clearly, you're meant to spend that on new books!
Heidi Hart 10 years ago
Good stuff coming out today too: Meredith Duran, Julie Anne Long... I may not sleep for days!
Yep. BTW, I _loved_ the Chernow Alexander Hamilton bio. Bored my kids to tears with (to me) interesting tidbits from Hamilton's life.
Heidi Hart 10 years ago
I know! It's amazingly interesting. I picked it up because my wife (a middle school teacher) shows Lin-Manual Miranda's "The Hamilton Mixtape" to her students every fall (Totally worth checking out if you haven't seen it!, and Miranda's interest in Hamilton was spawned by this book, so I picked it up -- and I'm hooked!
10 years ago
Mine was only 73 cents, and I had a woo-hoo moment.