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Oooh!! I would love an app to help me manage my TBR better. Right now, my only solution is that I've created a shelf called "Up Next" and I try to keep these pretty limited, and only the books that I want to read immediately. I've also been thinking about adding another shelf, of books that I added to my TBR that I've forgotten about, but really want to read. Not quite Up Next immediacy, but books I wouldn't have remembered otherwise.
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
I'd love an app like the one you've described... but unfortunately, I don't know of one. One thing you could do for the time being that might help a bit (similar to Books, Dogs, and Other Blogs' idea) would be to start a Top 10 TBR shelf - you could update it monthly or however often it takes to get through what's on that list. Maintaining it would force you to go through your main TBR shelf on a regular basis and see what you REALLY want to read next and also weed out any books that don't really appeal to you anymore.
I don't know of one, either!

I've... um, yeah, no I'm ignoring the TBR for my insane character reading challenges, so not an issue. The fact that my /first/ of like ten ones that I have planned is 1280 characters long and /keeps growing/ means I really don't care about the TBR unless it fits into one of the three challenges I'm currently occupied in right now.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I think I'm going to try iReadItNow, which is free in the Apple App Store ( ). It allows you to make a "Read Queue" and ranks each book's position in the queue. Apparently, you can also make notes and underlines and it tracks your reading statistics, but I don't know that I'll use all that -- mostly, I want something to tell me what to read next!
I'm intrigued. I've downloaded it just to see what it's all about.
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing - I'll have to check it out, too
SilverThistle 9 years ago
I'd love an app too. One that works for the kindle fire. At the very least I'd like to be able to put 'collection's onto my fire. I can't work out why it's not an option, I used to do it on my paperwhite so I don't know why it's not a feature on the newer models >:(
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I agree with you about the Fire's inability to categorize into Collections. In fact, I don't even use my Fire anymore -- I just organize everything on my very old (pre-paperwhite, even) basic Kindle, and then the kindle app on my iPhone and iPad.
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
Someone recommended me as a book catalogueing site. It's not free, though, and I've not used it.
SilverThistle 9 years ago
I might have actually forked over cash for that one, if it worked on kindle fireHD. It doesn't, does it? (hoping I missed the part where it DOES) :/
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
I don't think so. I think it's just computer or cloud based cataloguing.

Someone really needs to create a good book cataloguing site that has mobile app and that can take information dumps from individual kindle libraries. That would literally change my life. I have two separate kindle libraries with a total of around 2000K books in them. If it had a barcode scanner app so I could scan in my physical books, that would be the most awesome thing ever.
Heidi Hart 9 years ago
I'm not very techy, but Book Crawler can import CSV files (i.e., Goodreads library) via Drop Box, has a barcode scanner app for physical books, and it just generally very pretty and easy to use... but it doesn't prioritize my stuff.
SilverThistle 9 years ago
Moonlight, if you find such a thing, please holler :D

I've got close to 3000 already on my kindle and probably a few hundred more on my bookshelves scattered around the house and that's before I even get to my ' still need to buy TBR list' so it would make my life soooo much better too.

I might have to get one of those 'how to make apps' books and do it myself, lol.
Atunah's Romance Haus 9 years ago
I think amazon really missed the boat on doing something really nice with the "my account" section. Instead of these cloud collections that totally messed up my paperwhite, they could have a integrated software thingy in account, instead of just listing all the gazillion books I have. It would be so much easier to have folders or collections right there. It takes me 2 minutes for each book to add to my PW collections now, so its pretty useless. I much rather do that stuff on my computer.

But of course that wouldn't help those for a universal book brain app. I have shelves here and on GR, but I have lost control a long time ago. I have like 4000 on my shelves and 1500 or so owned and not yet read. I think many books are getting lost in the sea somewhere. Its overwhelming sometimes. And I keep adding since I read recommendations here and there and then I can't remember why it got recommended or who.

I use Calibre which is great to keep all my books in one place, even those I don't own, but I already have so many tags on there it gets cluttered.
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
I agree.

Given that amazon actually owns both Shelfari and Goodreads, I find it astonishing that they HAVEN'T created an integrated collection management interface.

Instead, they buy social book sites and systematically dismantle their usefulness and appeal.
KindleRomance 9 years ago
I use Calibre and added a column for indicating when I plan on reading it. As far as tracking books I received in exchange for a review, I use Evernote. Between the notebooks and tagging options and ability to put all of the book data in it including pictures & files & web clips, it's extremely powerful.