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Tackling Mt. TBR 8 years ago
I've never read Kristan Higgins yet, although I have a few of hers on Mt TBR, but I tend to get terrible second-hand embarrassment so I'm not sure I would like all the humiliating of the heroines in her books.
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
The first Higgins I read, I loved... only, maybe I didn't love it that much, because now I can remember which one it was because I didn't review my books anywhere back then and I've got more than a dozen of her books on my kindle. Just One of the Guys, maybe? When she's good, she's really pretty great, and even when she's bad, I can usually still enjoy the pace and banter in the story, and it's only when I go back and reflect on it as I'm writing a review that I'm really, really bothered. I feel about Higgins' contemporaries a lot like I feel about Julie Anne Long's historicals -- I love some of them, some of them irk me, but my overall impression is positive enough that both authors remain autobuys for me despite several disappointments.