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Abandoned by user 8 years ago
I couldn't get into this one either. Have you read The Lord of Scoundrels by her? There are some problematic elements, but it is a highly entertaining read.
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
I have read Lord of Scoundrels -- I think I gave it 4.5 stars -- I loved it until the end when the plot moppet showed up.
Bummer, I liked this one. It reminded me of the Mummy, which I have an unhealthy love for and will never admit to how many times I have watched it. Liked the setting, adventure aspect,and quirkiness of Rupert. Disliked how Daphne felt cardboard cut-out and they lacked some chemistry between the two.
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
I've never seen The Mummy, but I have plenty of guilty pleasures of my own.
willaful 8 years ago
I never read this as him pretending to be a moron. I think he underestimates himself.
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
Maybe, but I think he's intentionally hiding his skills from Daphne and letting her assume the worst, because her shirtiness amuses him. In my book, that's a dishonesty plot.
I hope it will pick up, or that your next read is awesome!
Heidi Hart 8 years ago