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Oooh...I might have to read these. I've thumbed through them in the bookstore, but wasn't sure if they would be entertaining and maybe a bit smart, or just way too pretentious.
Heidi Hart 10 years ago
Overall, it's very entertaining, pretty smart, and sometimes too pretentious. If this sounds like your cuppa at all, go for it, because like I said: CATNIP.
Heidi Hart 10 years ago
That's funny, since the Twilight comparison has been foremost in my mind since the very first book. I guess we see what we're looking for.
Heidi Hart 10 years ago
I hope my review doesn't sour you -- I tried not to be too spoilery -- and like I said, I think my review came across as more negative than I meant for it to. The 5 star system is so arbitrary, even with half stars. I had a lot of niggling complaints about this book and this series, but on a gut-level, I still had a lot of fun reading it.

Maybe authors don't like to touch the mortality issue because it's such a downer from the happy ever after promise of the romance, but for me it was like the elephant in the room, and I couldn't ignore it. It's so interesting and full of so much angst and pathos, I don't know how authors can ignore it.
Didge (guest) 6 years ago
Hi, only new to the series and I’ve only read the first one and ever since I finished it I’ve had the same thoughts that this is a Twilight knock off. It’s been driving me crazy thinking ok Matthew is Edward and Diana is a slightly stronger Bella. The storyline are extremely similar. I don’t know how others do see the similarities.
Crystal (guest) 5 years ago
I read the 1st and 2nd book and I don't want to read the 3rd because I found it was to much like twilight and not to be offensive but I never liked that series. I also found this series quite boring.