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Familiar Diversions 8 years ago
I haven't noticed any of my reviews disappearing, but then I haven't gone looking for any. What I *have* noticed is BL hanging a lot. Yesterday, I got in long enough to write a post, clicked to publish it, and then it just sat and sat. It never did publish, and the buttons on the page eventually became unusable. I had to copy the text and start over.
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
Yeah, my tags and my shelves are generally the same, and I looked on the shelves where I would have put the missing books (the same shelves they were on in my GR account)--no books. So far, of the three books I've gone looking for and thought were missing, one I located under a different edition on the Book Page, and two were just totally gone. (Well, I perhaps could have scrolled back through dozens of pages on my blog to find something I posted last summer, but I didn't--at any rate, these two books were not anywhere on my shelves.)
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
Well, the fact that you remember I posted it back in the day is at least further proof that I'm not crazy and it really was here at one time.
8 years ago
I did notice some reviews disappear just after the change and mentioned it in BL feedback, and it got corrected.
Tackling Mt. TBR 8 years ago
I haven't really checked any of my reviews so I'm not sure if any are missing. I may give a look, or perhaps I would prefer to be ignorant of any missing reviews I may have because dealing with it will just irritate me. Have to see how I feel tomorrow.
Kate says 8 years ago
Oh, sorry to hear about the problems :/ Please mail me with any issues, we'll work them out (

When it comes to "Fangirl" review, I'm happy to let you know it's here. I've found it on your blog (via searching Fangirl) (Dec 2013). Some book pages may still need combining, we're working on it all the time. One more time sorry for trouble.
Heidi Hart 8 years ago
That makes sense, since the two other books I thought were missing I was later able to find. On the whole, BookLikes has been hugely responsive to user feedback, and so I'm willing to be patient and trust you to work the bugs out! Thanks!