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I'm sorry to hear about your son - but glad that he's home and safe now. That must have been frightening.

Anyway, glad you had a good book to keep you company, and that it resonated with you. *hugs*
Scary, glad to hear that things seem to be under control right now. Books are so wonderful in that way, giving us a moment of reprieve.
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 8 years ago
Oh no. That's awful. I'm glad everything's better now, but I will keep him in my prayers.

Yay to the book, though. It's always good when you can find a book that will help you through troubled times.
Jennifer's Books 8 years ago
I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. I'm glad he's ok and back home now. I hope the medicine helps him.
I hope you have been able to catch up on some sleep after the turmoil of the pediatric ICU, and that your son will get much better! And it's great that you were able to divert your worry with a story like this one.
Tackling Mt. TBR 8 years ago
Glad to hear that your son is doing better now. I have a cousin with epilepsy and it's terrifying to watch someone suffer through a seizure. I'm sorry your family had to go through it.
I'm so sorry. I'm glad your son is doing better.
Spooky! Glad to hear everything is OK!
willaful 8 years ago
So sorry about your scary night... I hope this is the end of it.
Oliviate 8 years ago
I had a very similar seizure myself at about the same age. It was the first time my dad was home alone with me, and he was terrified. We never found out why, but it never happened again -- I was on anti-seizure meds for a year or two after that, too. I'm glad your little one is doing better, and glad you were able to find respite in the midst of the storm.
TeaStitchRead 8 years ago
As an epileptic myself, the fear of not knowing when another seizure will strike sucks the most for both me and my family. However, as your child grows, he may grow out of having them altogether or will learn to notice his triggers and proceed according to the plan. As a mom of an 18 month old, I am holding my breath for one she or her older brother have one.

As for medical tests, they are pretty useless, as the seizure usually has already passed and normal brain function has returned. Video EEGs are a pain, but are the most effective in finding triggers and the seizure types.

With all that doom and gloom said, good vibes to you and your family coming from England.