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Familiar Diversions 3 years ago
I really need to read more of this series. Your last sentence made me laugh, because one of the reasons I haven't read the earlier books yet is because I keep thinking I'd miss Miles too much.
I have heard nothing but good things about the series after this so I'm not too worried - but the characters are so well done! I'm curious to know more about Miles now, which is good. Definitely check these earlier books out, they are solid. :)
Just because the later books are mostly focussed on Miles, that doesn't mean Aral and Cordelia (and other folks you haven't met yet!) are missing - they still play significant roles in a number of the books you've yet to read...
That's so reassuring! :) I've grown attached.
Olga Godim 3 years ago
I miss Aral and Cordelia too. They do appear in later books but not often and not for long. Most of the other books are pure Miles.
Aww. I see re-reads in my future!
Olga Godim 3 years ago
I envy you reading The Warrior's Apprentice for the first time. Young Miles is so compelling. Funny too.
can't wait! I'm getting the first two omnibuses(sp) from inter library loan. It'll take a bit to get here. I'm excited to dive in. :)