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What a phantastic view! -- And I'm glad you like "The Sunne in Splendour" so much.
Thank you! It's taking me forever to read Splendour but I think I'm taking my time cuz it's so reliably and consistently good. I'm at the point where Edward has to decide what to do with George and I want to wiki it so bad to see how it turns out. I'm holding off but the suspense is killing me! Will he really kill him? I need to read to find out. lol
Don't wiki it ... just rely on Penman to take you there!
Bark's Book Reviews 9 months ago
I agree that cover is terrible and that view is spectacular! I'm going exploring through the woods. The fresh air and solitude cannot be beat after a hectic week. Enjoy your weekend.
I used to love to do trails alone. There are some well used ones by me so I felt safe. But that quiet and the green - nothing beats it. You enjoy yours too! :)