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The More I Read. . . 4 years ago
This sounds like something I'll enjoy a LOT. Perfect for this weekend's reading.
Lol! I do love Freddy. I love that he's so unaware of everything going on around him, that he doesn't have an unkind bone in his body. He's clueless about girls but at the same time he's very sharp in other areas. Until he takes the Heroine under his wing he's never really *tried* to do anything, but he takes such good care of Kitty!
The More I Read. . . 4 years ago
Thank you for recommending Cotillion! I LOVED every single word and Freddy has become my favorite hero! The review was sooo hard to write because I wanted to put *everything* I loved about him. Hard to cut. And yet, it was still much too long. :-)
Yay!!! I'm so glad!!!
*Pompom Dance*
I really love how different Freddy is from your standard GH hero. He's just sooooo lovely and very funny! Have you tried 'Friday's Child' yet? It's my second favourite GH ever!!! Soooo much humour, in some ways it's very similar to 'Cotillion.
The More I Read. . . 4 years ago
I haven't read Friday's Child yet, but that will soon be remedied. Thank you! :-)
I think you're going to love it!!! It's very much a 'bromance' as well as a 'romance' and I really love the friendship between Sherry, Gil, Ferdy and George!
The More I Read. . . 4 years ago
This sounds soooo good! Now I'm very glad I 'impulse bought' all those Heyer re-issues a couple of years ago. I read Venetia out of desperate longing to read something 'different.' Till then they'd all just been languishing on my shelves. The next GH will be #6 for me. Woo hoo! Progress!
I'm kinda jealous that you're getting to read them all for the first time!!! I wish I could re-live that! I think one of my favourite things about Georgie is that she wrote romances with different themes added in: bromance, mystery, adventure, history. You get an added chunk of story that pulls you in and makes you care about the characters and which in turn shows you a different side to their personalities.
I find that the more she departed from her normal set pattern (Rake/Innocent), the more I loved her stories. The books that her fans usually overlook (like Cotillion) are my favourites!!!