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bookaneer 8 years ago
Are the "arched an eyebrow"s getting to you? ;)
Fwiw, I really enjoyed the series, including this one, and I don't think they undergo a startling improvement from here on out, so if you do continue onwards, I suspect it won't suddenly "get good" for you.
Saturdays in Books 8 years ago
Yeah, there's nothing wrong with this kind of popcorn, it is fun. It's just that I could be trying a new kind of fun. I had read several reviews and had a few fans tell me, when I didn't like the first one, that I just needed to keep going and I'd love it after a few books. Nice to hear that isn't everyone's experience.
bookaneer 8 years ago
Heh, the funny part is I am of the "they get better" camp, but my personal cutoff for "if you don't like them now, I sincerely doubt you're going to like them later" is probably bk4 and definitely bk7.