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Portable Magic 5 years ago
Wow, you've stuck with the series for 3 books without liking any of them? I don't think I even managed to finish the first Dresden book. Never could understand the appeal.
Saturdays in Books 5 years ago
They're ok. The one before this was almost good. They aren't "really good" or "great." At least not so far.

My spouse and I have been listening to the audio book versions over the last few years during long drives. The narrator has a great voice (he's the actor who played Spike on Buffy), and being not amazing is actually good for driving since I can easily pay attention to the road. But neither of us has felt the urge to listen to them under any circumstances other than "mild distraction for long period of time."
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I thought book one was okay with some problems that put me on fence about a series that was too much "detective novel" (just not my thing) and an MC that one minute was protecting loved ones then when plot convenient throwing them into the fray. The writing was fine, not the issue.

Like Saturdays in Books, I was inundated with "...x book will hook you on this series" posts, reviews and comments. Including from friends who usually were right.

So when a couple of years later the next few books went on 99ยข sale to celebrate release of a new one, I bought four more since still less than buying second book at regular price.

I struggled unhappily through book two, encouraged by comments that 3 would hook me. Then months later a challenge or Readathon had me finally struggling through book 3 -- I saw no difference and even a lot of recycling.

I still don't like Harry. Nor most detective, private investigator, plot type of books. The magic system was okay, but neither that or the worldbuilding that interesting.

Now (and some back then) everyone has been telling me that book 4 or 5 was the one that hooked them. I just can't. I'm done, if I'm not liking the stories, the character, or not even particularly the worldbuilding -- just why would I read these and just what is there to hook me? I have the next books, but I just cannot do it.
Saturdays in Books 5 years ago
Yeah, you have given this series enough of your reading time, Debbie. I generally like procedural/detective/noir elements in UF. If I didn't, I would not have made it this far!
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I have actually had friends tell me on other series that book 11+ would hook me -- 3 is now my limit (2 if not at least liking some aspect of the book). If I was ever to attempt something I needed to read 10+ books before getting to one I'd enjoy -- oh boy would I rather just read a wiki summary or sit with the recommender to get good summaries of first 10+ books then read 11-- even at the risk of not being as invested in story/characters as someone who did slog thru 10+ books.