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This seems worse than the usual response, too :/
Saturdays in Books 6 years ago
The extent to which people will go to not hear women's complaints and then gaslight them when confronted with them is just staggering. His wikipedia profile says he left a job and was banned from a convention because he harassed women - this isn't obscure knowledge or rumors on the whisper net.
Aaaand we have some visual proof here:

Yeah, no, thanks!
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
*gag* yeah *snark* why ban folk for merely a few "...unfortunate incidents in the past ..."?

Or because someone might be wrong to equate asshole behavior with being abusive (gee, cons, ever consider maybe finding some non-assholes whether or not the asshole behavior was clearcut enough for legal proceeding?) ... can't you find non-harassers, non-apologists, non-abusive, non-asshole folk in all of SF/F fandom and industry? it is hard because, oh, I dunno, maybe because you are asking them to be around the abusers?
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
Honestly, do the defenders even listen to themselves saying how they are bad but not that bad -- like, why would you want your con and con officials to even be known as "not that bad." ? Helluva a marketing slogan "not that bad" ...

Kinda right back to the arena of victim blaming the abused for being so sensitive about the abuse that they overreact and ruin it for their abuser *snark* how dare they instead of just staying home if they cannot handle ...