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Good to hear you are well!
Yodamom Finds her Force 11 months ago
great news
YouKneeK 11 months ago
I can’t remember, what area are you located in? I have TN in my mind, but not sure that’s right. I have family in the Chattanooga area, but they just slept through it all and everything seemed fine to them when they woke up.

I’m in the Atlanta suburbs, so it was just a tropical storm by the time it got to us. There was some damage in the area, mostly trees down and some flooding, but nothing too dramatic as compared with places further south.

From the view of my own windows, it was just really, really windy. I expected to at least lose power, but I never had more than a few flickers. Long enough to be annoying and cause my desktop computer to shut down and all of my automatic lights to get tripped. A large chunk of my city was without power for a few hours though, starting only a few feet down the road from me. Some of my colleagues were without power this morning and I was jealous. I had the e-readers and tablets all charged up and was hoping for a few hours, or even a couple days, of enforced reading. ;)
Saturdays in Books 11 months ago
I'm in north Alabama. We would be Tennessee if maps made sense and the Tennessee river were the border. Yesterday afternoon they closed the military base, schools, universities, and a bunch of other stuff. The wind predictions weren't tornado high, but the gusts, particularly at higher altitudes (I just moved up onto a mountain earlier this year) were predicted to be high. The leading edge was fairly windy, but mostly we just got rain. And the power map shows no outages.

Is it cold there? The high today here was 62 (for the rest of you, that's basically winter here). Since my office was closed, I read a novella, took a nice long bath, drank a beer, and then got nap to make up for last night's loss of sleep.
YouKneeK 11 months ago
Yes, it’s actually 62 here right now. It was around that yesterday also, but at least the colder weather reduced the likelihood of tornados during the storm!

Everything was closed down here too. It was funny to see the photos of our major interstates and the downtown area looking like a ghost town. There’s usually so much traffic here.