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Tannat 5 years ago
No, but my books page does say the following:
"Note: some of our members have reported that not all read dates are showing on this page. While we work on making sure they correctly display on this page, you can still view your dates on your review or on the book page."

It doesn't sound quite like what you have encountered though.
Saturdays in Books 5 years ago
Okay, that probably is it. I have them sorted by "read by" so I can see how far behind on reviews I am. And it was definitely missing quite a few recently read titles which now show as having no date set.
Tannat 5 years ago
Oh, good. Hopefully they fix it soon then.
5 years ago
I've been experiencing the same problem because I sort by "Read by". I'm hoping they'll figure out where the glitch is soon.
AND I hope this isn't the sort of glitch that will make them take the whole site down again for hours on end!