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I wonder how King got on this carnie bent- I was also surprised that he mentioned Rihanna
The Rhianna thing was weird. Not as weird as Jamie being turned on by his girlfriend blowing cigarette smoke into his mouth, though.
Yeah, that cigarette smoke thing WAS super weird (it takes all kinds, I suppose). Maybe this is a new wave of guerrilla product placement...
Bob @ Beauty in Ruins 9 years ago
Yeah, that was just about the most disgusting lame attempt at romance King has ever attempted. Serious yuck.
When she blew the smoke from her delightful tasting Winston into my mouth, I got as hard as a piece of rebar manufactured by Haliburton.
Bob @ Beauty in Ruins 9 years ago
I loved the glimpse of the afterlife at the end too, but I wanted more . . . I wanted it to come to the forefront. That creepy afterlife, coupled with the madness and the murder/suicides would have made for an epic, classic King tale. I feel like we were teased, then shunted aside.