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Mona Hanna 4 years ago
Oh this is adorable :)
Derrolyn Anderson 4 years ago
One time they were giving me the side-eye because I couldn't read the letters on one half of the eye test. My dad was with me for some reason, and I was like, why can't I see half the letters?

His answer was that sometimes it indicates a neural issue.

I proceeded to panic until the woman who had tested me ran up, said it happened to the person behind me as well, and then they figured out that a light bulb wasn't working. So, yes, the DMV now makes me panic.
Derrolyn Anderson 4 years ago
Thank GOD! That must have been scary!!!
I was freaking out. My dad not so much, but yeah. So at least this hasn't happened to you yet -and you know if it does to ask them to check the bulbs :D
Had a devil of the time last time at the DMV. (I don't drive. I do need state ID. To vote, among other things.) No, a copy of your birth certificate, which was OK last time, isn't good enough; had to have the original. Did they tell us this before hand? Of course not.
Derrolyn Anderson 4 years ago
I'm in California. I waited over an hour even with an appointment made over a month ahead of time for a simple renewal. The three people in line ahead of me could not even produce a utility bill, which is all the state requires for ID.

And voting. :P