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Maybe it contributes to steroid use in teenage boys. I remember a boy I used to play with as a kid loved he man. When he was older he ended up on kidney dialysis because he over used a dietary supplement that contained creatin.
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
That's terrible :(
Same thing has been said about comics, and it's been pointed out that the men having all those muscles is a power fantasy for males.

I'd say same thing with He-Man who goes around adventuring, whereas Barbie kinda... sits there and looks pretty. Not denying it's a double standard, just saying that it's not a perfect mirror image.
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
Depends on how you played with Barbie. The intended playsets sure sucked though -- I remember loving the Barbie airplane I got but Ken had pilot's uniform and Barbie had stewardess uniform. Moot point because my Barbie went on adventures with GI Joe and Ken was just something visiting friends sporadically dressed up.

Gotta have a good snicker though at the powers and adventures She-Ra had compared to He-Man's.
I never watched He-Man or She-Ra. ]

I... wanted interracial Barbies. I had a habit of taking off the heads and giving white barbies black heads and black barbies white heads.

Apparently, this disturbed some of my friends' parents enough to say something to my mom.
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
LOLZ. I was the pesky little sister who was kicked out of the game for pretending my armless Barbie was a ghost haunting the other Barbies and "ruining" everything.

That's okay, I went to my room and read books :)
I think I was kinda like, 'fuck you, I /like/ my barbies like this.' Except I was too young to know swear words, and my mom didn't tell me later. My friends were like 'ew!' and I insisted they were supposed to be that way or something, from what I remember.
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
XD! Creative types were born to be misunderstood.