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Rane Aria 7 years ago
*reads* Yup, Yup and YUP
Yeah, my father has claustrophobia and fear of heights, and I got both, while adding my own (fear of medical needles).
Derrolyn Anderson 7 years ago
Oh yes, I inherited claustrophobia from my dad too. I once made the supreme mistake of going into Sleeping Beauty's castle's dark, stuffy and narrow little hallways at Disneyland. It took all of my self control to keep from bolting right over an entire large family that was moving too slowly through the exhibit ahead of us.
I was up visiting my father in June, and we went to have lunch at the faculty club where he used to teach - which involved a walk on a walkway several stories tall, which I'm sure had very scenic views. We didn't see them; we were staring at the pavement directly in front of our feet and muttering "don't look down, don't look down." (The lunch was totally worth it, though.)
And I discovered I had inherited the claustrophobia while having an MRI brain scan - oh my.
Derrolyn Anderson 7 years ago
OMG! *blood runs cold*