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Nostalgia Reader 3 years ago
So true! I still hate to buy books that I haven't read... try it from the library, and only then contemplate buying it!!
Derrolyn Anderson 3 years ago
I have way too many free e-books sitting on my Kindle ap. Some are classics in the public domain, but most are indie writers. Some are surprisingly good but I delete many after a few paragraphs. No harm, no foul ;)
I spent so, so many hours growing up parked in the library at the university where my mother taught. I think I read (or discarded as boring) everything in their children's section, and then moved on to classics like The Count of Monte Cristo. I had a damned good time.
Derrolyn Anderson 3 years ago
Yes. After I blew through every dog and horse story in our local library I moved on to *ahem* much more adult stuff.
Jackie Collins gave me the birds and bees introduction. I remember being shocked when I found out what that boner everyone else was talking about was.
Derrolyn Anderson 3 years ago
With me it was Gore Vidal, Jacqueline Susann, and Judith Krantz. LOL!