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Linda Hilton 6 years ago
Thank you. I have been exchanging PMs on another site with another friend over a period of several months about how I feel that my writing life is in a precarious balance with my work life. At present, the scale is securely tipped in favor of the job, yet each day there are small things that drop into the pan on the writing side. I told her just this morning that one day something -- and I don't know what it is now, but I will recognize it instantly when it arrives -- will drop like a feather onto the writing side and tip the whole apparatus the other direction.

This poster is one of those things. Not the final one, unfortunately, but the weight adds up. Slowly. Steadily. Inexorably.
Thank you.
Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
I understand exactly what you mean. I run a small manufacturing/distribution business out of my home and there's always one thing or another conspiring to take me away from my WIP.

Keep fighting the good fight!
Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
UGH. I really need to find a better background here! That or figure out how to change the type color :p