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Abandoned by user 10 years ago
I'm basically every category of free-range all rolled into one.
I most definitely fall within all the Free-Range, among any other category on here, though there are a few under the Situational that definitely describe me.
Coffee2words 10 years ago
I'm totally the Free Range All the timer... So good!
Princess Eva Rose 10 years ago
I fell into the Compulsive reader who cherished books. I am such a snob, I don't lend out my book copies unless I absolutely know the person will returned it in pristine condition. I ordered all my books in my bookshelves by genre and author and colour. XDDD
Linda Hilton 10 years ago
Linda Hilton 10 years ago
^^^Never mind that thing up there. ;-)

I am definitely an OCD/Hoarder. Although I tend to keep fairly detailed records of my books, and the physical ones are mostly on bookshelves and in reasonably coherent order, most shelves are 2- and 3-layers deep. Some books I have more than one copy of, and I'm not even sure why. I almost never lend out books because too often in the past they did not come home. (A bookplate my grandparents used to have said "I enjoy sharing my books as I do my friends, asking only that you treat them well and see them safely home." I'm not sure about my friends, but a lot of my books never came home. I don't lend any more.)

And we won't even talk about the Kindle "black hole."