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nospin 9 years ago
So so funny.
I could watch that sphynx cat for an hour.
Thanks for the laughs.
I'm telling you, the minute they get opposable thumbs, the human race is screwed.
nospin 9 years ago
Did you hear about the family calling 911 because they were held hostage by their cat?
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
I just saw that! I'm sorry, but that man needs to have his "man card' revoked. If a non-rabid cat (under 40 lbs) tried to trap me in a room (a room with blankets mind you) the cat would live to regret it.
Just sayin'.
nospin 9 years ago
That was my thought! Grab a quilt and deal with it.
Some are saying he kicked the cat for scratching the baby and the cat put them in time out
nospin 9 years ago
I now think the first cat is on a moving truck and is saying "put it back"
Reluctant mover

“If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.” -- Mark Twain.
(And yes, this one really is by him ... it's from his notebook.)

Proof positive that Sam was right on the money, once more ...
The middle one looks bloody terrifying. Like something off an old school horror movie! Lol.
last 2 are hilarious.
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
It has a face like a gremlin!
Jamie's Book Blog 9 years ago
2 and 4 are so cute! And that egyptian snake walk always freaks me out. 4 almost doesn't even look like a real cat, more like a robotic stuffed animal. I think he/she's cute though. I love that last one and always enjoy seeing it again :)
I like the hairless cat. Think hes adorable. And hilarious!
I like the hairless cat. Think hes adorable. And hilarious!