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Tired of Spamlikes 9 years ago
Haha that just made me laugh .. Thanks :)
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
I love it :)
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
I once read a guide on how to deal with a mountain lion confrontation in the wild. It said a danger sign was when the cat started shifting its weight between its back legs. Anyone who has a cat knows that it's pretty much too late by then!
So cute!
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
yep :)
Golfers take note. Look how still his head is while everything else is moving. (Yes, I'm married to a golfer who yells "keep your head down!", whenever I take a practice swing).
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
In my household, I refer to golf as "That icky thing that you want me to do." I'm strangely resistant, mainly because I HATE being told what to do. (Even when he's right).
Oh I hear ya! I've had a few lessons over the years, but to be honest, I just don't 'get' golf. If it's a nice day and the course is in a picturesque location then I'm happy to walk the course and maybe have a few sneaky shots once we're out of sight of the clubhouse or other players. But other than that - nope, it's not for me.
Derrolyn Anderson 9 years ago
And those eyes!